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ICESD 2023 revolves around sustainability and Development and growing into next generation has surfaced us with various challenges. To address such impacts, we need to plan and explore various pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges through education by empowering learners with new skills, values and attitudes that lead to more sustainable societies. This forum will investigate various facets of sustainability and development and their impacts on modern era, also their resolution through education from a broader perspective taking into consideration global issues and challenges as well as regional and national realities. Sustainability education gained importance during the UN Decade of Education for a Sustainable Development (2005-2014) which promoted the integration of principles, values and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and teaching from kindergarten up to university and lifelong learning.

Things to consider for sustainable Development:

  • Fostering Peace
  • Fighting against global warming
  • Fighting against the marginalization of women and girls
  • Sustainable development means having a different vision of the world
  • Promoting and improving quality education
  • Reorienting educational programmes
  • Providing practical training and more…

The conference will take place from 20th –21st September 2023 in Dubai, UAE will help all researchers (both inexperienced and veteran) to present their findings to the esteemed members of the global scientific community, irrespective of the specific field of Education and Social Sciences, they practice in. ICESD will not only help them earn the requisite exposure they need for recognition for their research work in global research circles, but also open the door for new opportunities for collaboration and further research.